What is 5MFF: High School Edition?

The Five Minute Film Festival: High School Edition is a division brand of Lipscomb University’s “5 Minute Film Festival” for High School students only.

When is the festival?

November 1st, 2019

What is the entry fee?

Submission fee is $12.00 for all categories.

How can I enter?

To enter 5MFF: High School Edition you need to be a current High School student* with a valid ID, and have a profile at our festival partner website, FilmFreeway (IT’S FREE).  Once you are set up, you can submit your film project directly at: filmfreeway.com/5MFF.

* Waivers offered on a case-by-case basis for RECENT High School graduates

Can I enter if I don't live in Tennessee?

Absolutely!  We welcome High School students to enter from around the world.

Does the 5 minutes include credits?

5 MINUTES TRT.  That means credits included.

What are your prizes?

How does a Canon camera package and $500 cash sound?  Check out the prize schedule.

Can I get a refund if I'm not selected?

Sorry, no refunds.

What is FilmFreeway?

FilmFreeway is the #1 film festival profile portal.  It’s where 1000s of festivals and filmmakers find each other. It’s a FREE platform where you can create a filmmaker profile, upload your projects and submit to festivals around the world with a click of a button!

In order to submit to 5MFF: High School Edition, you have to go through FilmFreeway.

What if I just graduated. Can I still submit?

5MFF: High School Edition reserves the right to waive the current High School student mandate on a case-by-case basis for recent graduates.  “Recent” meaning current academic year.  Question about eligibility?  Contact us: info@5mff.org.

Where is Lipscomb University?

Nashville, Tennessee.  Map.

What film files do you accept for exhibition?

We have specific file formats and labeling conventions.  Please check them out here.

What is the dress code?

FORMAL ATTIRE.  A suit or full dress.  While we would love to celebrate with you, despite your wear, this is a strict dress code and rule-breakers will be forced to the cheap [ejector] seats.

Still need answers?  Contact us at: info@5mff.org