Submission Deadlines & Entry Fees

DATE: NOVEMBER 1st, 2019

Early Submission Deadline: __________ ($12)

Late Submission Deadline: __________ ($24)

Final Deadline: __________ ($50)

Official Selections will be announced: __________

General Categories

Find your voice in all genre of narrative (scripted) format.  From drama to action, and everything in between, submit your ultra-short narrative project for your shot at our grand prize.


There are many styles for animated storytelling: Traditional, Stop-Motion, Computer-Generated, 2D, 3D, Claymation and more!  We accept them all!


The boundaries of documentary filmmaking continue to expand and we accept all forms and styles as long as they are nonfiction and document an aspect of reality. Find your subject, document it, and submit!


Can’t have a festival in Music City without a music category!  Find a song and share its story or essence through visual imagery. All forms of music videos are accepted. Although we do not accept music videos with copyrighted music (without explicit permission).